The meaning Of the 3 magical words

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When you are Only 5 years old, I said I love you U asked Me: What Is It?  When you are 15 years old< i said I Love You You Blushed... You Look Down And Smile...  When you are 20 Yeras Old,I Said I Love You. You put your head on my shoulder and hold my hand... Afraid that i might dissapear  When you are 25 years old, I said I Love you You Prepare breakfast and serve it infront of me, Kiss my Forehead and said: You better be quick, Its gonna be late.  When you are 30 years old, I said I Love you You said : If you really love me, please come back early after work.  When you are 40 years old, I said I Love you You are cleaning table and said: Ok dear, But its time for you to help our child with his/her revision....  When you are 50 years old, I said I Love you You are knitting and you laugh at me :-D  When you are 60 years old, I said I Love you You Smile at me :-)  When you are 70 years old, I said I Love You We sit on the rocking chair with our glasses on I'm Reading your love letter that you sent me 50 years ago With our hand crossing together...  When you are 80, You said you love me! I didnt say anything but cried That day must be the happiest day in my life! Because you said you love me!!!  PLEASE APPRECIATE YOUR LOVED ONES.. SAY "I LOVE YOU" TO THEM TODAY!  [I love you] means really care for you...... say it out but not to expect the return or  anything....  [I love you] is said because there is a pure  thought.. that was hoping this magical 3  words..  can bring you happiness and futurity...... and  because of having such pure thoughts... ppl  which  have true heart to a person. gives out all  his/her  Courage to tell : I love you

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