Last friday, all the projects that i participate has finally kick start. For the following months, i know that i will have to prepare for the real busy working scedules.
             For the first meeting of the projects, which held on last friday. We were talking through the net meeting for almost two hours because some of the members are base in barcelona. After the meeting, i need to explain the projects' detail to Ji Sung as he was totally lost during the net meeting as he is Korean and he face some difficulty of understanding english language especially from the members in Barcelona who are non native speaker whom has a very thick spanish and French accent.
             Last year's project, i had less barrier becoz all the members were base in malaysia but this year we have some in barcelona. I know it is hard for us to align the meeting time as we have a different time zone. I have gone through the meeting scedule for the projects, some of the time is around 10pm malayisia time and some of the time is like midnite of barcelona time. I know we need to have some tolerant and patient as well as understanding if we need to work together.
            Yesterday and today is busy too, yesterday i accompanied von chong to the traveling agency. She will depart to Germany and Belgium at Mid may to do her research and visiting Florian as well. Hmmm...days without her must be lonesome. But its alright, i used to it since she has a german sweetheart, she just travelling too much...hahahaha.
           Just drive my sister to college, the jorney is pretty far from where i feeling a bit sleepy after a long drive. And on the way back, Mummy called me, I miss her very much. Still remember during my high school period, i talked to her each day when i back from school.Told her what happening in school. She is such a darling for me. I love you mum
           How's u guys life here? Miss you guys too....

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